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Cogzidel Consultancy Services is a Business Process Consulting & Management company that has been formed to help businesses and entrepreneurs to save their valuable time by updating them on support services and legal obligations which are mandatory for the businesses.


As companies need to comply with a lot of statutory requirements, it becomes difficult for  entrepreneurs to stay updated on all statutes and their amendments.


Also, outsourcing makes it difficult for some, because there is no single point solution to handle all those compliances and entrepreneurs have to appoint different consultants to handle different statutory areas.

Finally, it becomes the responsibility of the entrepreneurs to integrate all the consultants.


Understanding this challenge of entrepreneurs, we at Cogzidel have devised this unique business solution which acts as a one stop solution for all legal needs / obligations of a company. We have experts who are regularly updated on all legal compliances.


This gives Cogzidel an unique edge since it is able to help entrepreneurs concentrate on their core business activities by outsourcing their support requirements to us.

Meaning of


The word ‘Cogzidel’ has been coined to represent the following meaning:

Cog – someone who does important and routine function

Del – indicating prompt delivery

Zi – Since we felt the term “Cogdel” was not attractive, we wanted to have a connector to make it cool, that is when we tried different possibilities and one such possibility was “ZI” which was derived from the name of famous football player and former French captain “Zidane”.




Cogzidel Consultancy

How it Evolved

When the promoters of Cogzidel were working in their earlier organization(s), they tried to find solution providers for services like raising capital / funds, for taking care of back-end processes like accounting, secretarial, HR functions etc, and they noticed that it was quite difficult and challenging to find the right people.


The number of service providers was / is not quantitative in the market. Those who were / are available seemed to be expensive in costs. Some proved to be on the list of not-so-talente

All these factors led to the whole idea of starting a venture to serve the needy. In order to provide one-stop solution for categorical organizations like start-up companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and also for the bigger companies.


Who are willing to absorb core competency services at affordable prices, Cogzidel emerged with confidence, great ideas and support from the people.

Cogzidel Consultancy

Business Philosophy


To create world-class business models in the domain of back-end processes, offering quality services and solutions.

To provide all business incubation services and back-end business processes.

To become the leader in solution providing.


Empowering employees to innovate solutions for providing qualitative services to clients.

Innovating internal business processes for achieving the vision.


QUALITY is our value

Q – Qualitative services
– Uniqueness in features
A – Ability / Ambition
L – Laborious
I – Integration / Innovation / Involvement
T – Trustworthy
– Yielding better results

Cogzidel Consultancy


Better efficiency, well defined processes and of course, better results. That’s the winning combination that we term as our objective.


We are a technology driven Consultancy company which works as an extension of your Company’s significant functions like Accounting, Human Resources, Secretarial and what not.


And given today’s changing business dynamics, Companies like yours are looking at reduced costs, better employee services, improved functionality and we are one partner who can offer all this.

This is where we come in.

We recognize that each company is unique with different working structures procedures, and needs. And we offer tailored Management Services which meet your needs. We rapidly learn your objectives and backed by our technology platforms, come up with a solution which works for you.

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