Why is Accounting significant in an organisation?

Accounting is one of the essential functions in an organisation because it acts as a diagnostic tool to analyse / ascertain the health of the company. Bankers, investors, vendors decide upon building a relationship with the organisation based on the financials. Even companies can take strategic decisions only by reviewing the performance which is possible only with the help of proper accounting.

The author of the popular book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyasaki’s first venture got bankrupt mainly because of improper accounting. In fact, in that book, there is a statement where the Rich Dad tells Robert Kiyasaki that there is a cancer in his company after reviewing the financials.

What do we do?

At Cogzidel, we have tremendous experience in Accounting & Book-Keeping services. We are well versed in using tools like Tally, Quick Books, Profit and many Customised Information Systems. Our professionals are well versed in Accounting, Internal Audits, Preparing Financial Statements, Liaison Service, Preparing MIS reports, Variance Analysis, Cost Control Recommendations, Tax Compliance, Planning advice and Risk assessment.

Why outsource Accounting?

There are many reasons why establishments outsource the accounting activities. Here are few:

  • – Lack of talented accountants in the market
  • – Talented resources don’t serve for long
  • – Poor subject knowledge of accountants
  • – Salary expectation does not match with company budget
  • – Mistakes of accountants make the companies suffer


Instead of taking such burden, it is better to outsource accounting activities to professional entities whereby you get the following:

  • – Professional Accounting done
  • – Complies with Accounting Standards
  • – Mistake-free financial statements
  • – Reliable accounting
  • – No need to look for accountants / replacing the accountants as the outsourced entity takes care of your accounting
  • – Outsourced accounting costs are affordable and economical


We help companies in maintaining their;

Cash Book Bank Book Journal Register
Bank Reconciliation Statements Collections Payables
Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Inter-company accounting
Balance Sheet Loans and Advances Profit and Loss Account
Fixed Assets Register

If you are interested in our Accounting & Book-Keeping Services, you can email us at info@cogzidel.in