Rohan and Neha

A conversation between Rohan and Neha

Rohan: Do you believe that "Employees are important in an organisation" ?

Neha: Certainly.

Rohan: But how to keep them motivated so that the company grows?

Neha: Ok, let me tell you "Employees are important, but paying them salaries on time is most important"

Rohan: Yeah, but I struggle to do it every time.

Neha: I understand. How do you process your salary?

Rohan: We used Payroll software earlier, but it was very difficult, so now we use Excel sheets.

Neha: Alright, here comes the next question! Can you do Accounting if you have an Accounting Software?

Rohan: I don't think so, as you need to know accounting to do that.

Neha: You got it! 🙂 Likewise, if you need to process payroll, you need to know the subject.

Rohan: Oh, I see!

Neha: It's not just a calculation. It is a calculation of salary by considering the labour laws like Provident Fund, ESI, Professional Tax and so on, which are applicable for your entity! To put it in simple words, "if the input is proper, the output will also be"

Rohan: Oh! Now I understand. But how can we learn all these laws, as they keep changing every now and then?

Neha: Not only that, even the slightest mistake in applying these laws for your entity may lead to disappointment of employees, penalty/interest/fine by Govt and so on.

Rohan: Very Scary! Then what's the solution?

Neha: Simple! "Let the experts handle it for you"

Rohan: You mean 'Outsource?' Why ?

Neha: Yes. Here are the benefits:

Rohan: a) High level subject-knowledge
b) Accountability is ensured
c) Advanced software usage - no need to invest on softwares
d) Periodical updates of amendments in law
e) Good rapport with Govt officials and
f) most importantly, cost saving

Neha: Oh wow! Whom do you recommend ?

Rohan: None other than "Cogzidel"

Neha: Why?

Rohan: They are in this profession for more than 20 years and have handled hundreds of business owners for Payroll and Labour Law requirements.

Neha: Fantastic! How can I reach out to them?

Rohan: You can contact them at

Neha: Thank you so much! I feel like I am already relieved.

Rohan: You will certainly be once you reach Cogzidel 🙂

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