Are you a Limited Company / One-person Company (OPC) / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) ?

Then, kindly read on as this information is for you.

Do you know that you need to file certain mandatry forms ?

As an entity (private company/public company/One-person Company/Limited Liability Partnership/), you will have to file few Annual Retursn with Registrar of Companies (ROC) disclosing certain information. This is a mandatory condition and non-compliance of this provision attracts penalty and legal action.

If Annual Returns are not filed for consecutive years, the Registrar has the powers to strike-off the company/LLP and declare the Directors/Partners as black-listed, apart from penalising the Directors/Partners financially for all the costs involved in striking-off the company.

Upon happening of instances:

Apart from this, there are situations where you will have to file certain forms with RoC upon happening of instances like:

– Appointment/Removal of directors/partners
– Shifting of Registered office of the entity
– Increase in Authorised Share Capital
– Fresh Allotment of Share Capital

Creating a charge on asset?

If you borrow loan from a financial institution for purchasing a fixed asset, then you may be required to create a charge on the asset by filing the appropriate form with RoC.

Changing the name of the company?

If you are planning to change the name of the company, you cannot do it without applying to RoC in advance and getting the necessary approval.

Want to add new business objective?

If you wish to amend or add any business objective, you will need to obtain prior approval from RoC by filing certain forms.

Planning to Shut Down?

Due to unavoidable circumstances, if you are planning to shut down your company/LLP, there are certain ‘Strike-off’ procedures to be complied with RoC before you shut down.

Remember, all the above attract cash fine and legal action, if not properly complied with.

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