Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.
Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.

Cogzidel was born on the 9th of September 2008.. The team planned to celebrate this occasion together with lunch and games. The day started with a small gifting session.. The team gifted a huge coffee mug to the Founder and CEO, Mr.Anand Nataraj and Mr.Bala Murugan respectively. They were also awarded with a certificate for ‘The world’s greatest boss’.

The management had arranged for photo printed coffee mugs for team members who had completed more than a year in Cogzidel!

Time for Lunch!!! For a change, the team thought of having lunch in office instead of going to a hotel.. The admin mamager arranged for Biryani from a Biryani expert in the city.. He himself cooked some chicken gravy and egg masala (which tasted even better than the Biryani) for the entire team.. How many Admin managers are there who are great cooks?? Cogzidel is proud to have one!!!!

A couple of team members had brought some home made ‘Kesari’ which was also a huge hit amongst all.. Lunch got over by around 3 PM and it was time for games

The team assembled.. Two of the team members took charge of organising some brilliantly innovative games..

We were divided into three teams.. We were asked to chose names for our teams..

We started off with Dumb-charades.. First round was proverb round in which all teams unexpectedly performed fairly well..

Next round of Dumb-charades was movie songs.. A hilarious round..

Next round was prank call!! Another game that was too funny… One member in each team had to contact someone over phone and talk for one whole minute.. The other person is not supposed to disconnect the call nor should they find out who is calling..

In another round, the contestants had to answer to the questions of one of the game organizers.. But the answer must be completely unrelated to the question.. Good fun..

Next was the best.. It was called ‘Dance Pause’.. One member from each team had to dance along with the other contestants.. When the music stops, the contestants were supposed to pause at the last step and stay in that posture until the music resumed.. The most hilarious game and everyone was laughing so uncontrollably..
Next was lemon and spoon in a slightly different way.. One bowl with lemons were kept on a chair.. Another chair with an empty bowl was kept at a distance.. The contestant was blindfolded… He/she had to pick up a lemon from one bowl using the spoon and drop it in the other bowl.. Great fun!!

A tray with white cement was arranged for.. The team wanted to emboss the hand prints of Mr.Anand Nataraj and Mr.Bala Murugan.. Just as a souvenir of the 3rd Anniversary celebrations.. 5 mins of good fun..

Next was Anthakshari.. Everyone was actually waiting for this game.. It was a contest between men and women.. Four women and eight men.. After a tough fight with all songs starting from ‘la’ the men won.. The star of this game was as always, Mr.Anand Nataraj

Thanks to everyone who helped in the execution of the whole celebration.. Special thanks to the following:

Mr.Boopathi for organising the gifts, sweets and a wonderful lunch!!

Mr.Anand Nataraj for cancelling some of his important plans and making it.. As always, without him, the day would not have been that much fun..

Mr.Ramanan for helping in organising the gifts.. And being the humour element in all the organising..

Ms.Vimala for diligently working and finishing off the day’s client work despite the fun and chaos around her.

Ms.Sowmya for helping in choosing gifts for the members of the management

Mr.Bala Murugan for giving the team complete freedom in organising the whole thing and he so thoroughly enjoyed the day..

Ms.Soniya and Mr.Patrick for organising the games and adding up to the fun element as always!!

All Cogzians for sportively participating in the celebration

Last but not the least.. Mr.Chitti babu, our office assistant for getting us whatever we wanted in the last minute..

A 3rd anniversary celebration that was made memorable by one and all!!

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