Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Additional Fees revised w.e.f 5th December 2010

All companies in India who file the returns with Ministry of Corporate Affairs are, hereby, informed that there is a revision in additional fee (in case of delay in filing) with effective from 5th December 2010. Here is the note issued by the MCA in this regard:
Note from MCA:

Dear Corporates,

It has been decided to revise the additional fees payable as per Section 611(2) of the Companies Act, 1956 (except for Form 5) as per below details with effect from 5th December 2010:-

Period of Delay

Fixed rate of additional fee

Up to 30 days                           –        Two times of normal filing fee
More than 30 days and upto 60 days     –        Four times of normal filing fee
More than 60 days and upto 90 days     –        Six times of normal filing fee
More than 90 days                      –        Nine times of normal filing fee

In order to avoid payment of additional fees, please file within stipulated time

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