Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.
Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.

Message from Anand Nataraj, CEO Cogzidel:

Dear Reader,

RBS – Cogzidel’s first product was launched on late hours of 25th March, 2009 at 23.45 IST. It is a proud and exciting moment for the entire Cogzidel team. I take this opportunity to thank Senthil Guru who started the project and Sathick Basha who took over from Senthil and completed the mission. I must also thank Pandi who assisted Sathick, Saravanan for CSS work, Major Karthik for his design, Bala Subramaniyam for managing and getting the product out successfully, last but not least it is our Bala Krishnan for his commitment and passion he contributed a lot encouraging the team and he acted as System Analyst for the project.

RBS is an abbreviation for Reverse Bidding System, it is a bidding system which is developed by taking inspiration from We have more features in mind to make the product unique and we will be evolving the product in a phased manner by releasing update at frequent intervals which will be bundled with new features and patches.

Product is launched under Creative Common license and is offered for free. This must be a bonanza for webmasters. We are offering the project for free to create more entrepreneurs & webmasters. You can think why we are offering it for free, let me explain it with an example,

“A has one rupee and B has one rupee… Both exchange that rupee… They go home with one rupee each!

But if A has one idea and B has one idea… Both exchange that idea… They go home with two ideas.”

Same way when we offer something for free lots of people will try it and it will create an eco-system where it will create lots of opportunity for many people and ideas will be flowing. So, we want to create such a eco-system and that is why we are offering the product for free.

In coming days, I think there will be lots of success stories and I wish it happens soon.

Major Karthik honored us by launching the product… Here is the launch picture…


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