Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.
Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.

There are many departments in an organization like Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, Administration, Finance etc.

Can some one tell which one ranks first among these departments?

Well, if you ask Sales Department, it will say “Sales is the back-bone of any organization and without which, nothing can happen even if the product / service is really good”.

Marketing department will say, “Marketing is very essential, because they make the product / service to reach the target audience”.

Operations team will answer simply like “Sales and Marketing can bring in multi-crores of business orders, but it’s we who produce delivery. If we don’t serve, they will have to close the shop”

All okay, but without manpower, not only ‘Operations’ team, every department will face problem in functioning. Here comes ‘Human Resources’ team which says if they stop working, every thing stops. People stop functioning by simply blaming HR department as an excuse for not delivering since they are not supplied adequate / efficient manpower by HR team.

Office infrastructure is something very important. There are many instances where people quote reasons like poor internet speed, fluctuating electricity problems, uncomfortable office atmosphere, inadequate stationeries, delay in travel / stay arrangements etc as excuses for non-delivery of their duties. It becomes integral part of Administration team to ensure that the facilities are adequately been taken care.

It is undoubtedly clear that these hard efforts of all teams are being put in to earn money – both for company in terms of ‘Turnover’ and ultimately, for the staff in terms of ‘Salaries’. Finance Department plays a vital role in taking care of money matters. There are many statutory formalities which need to be complied with and if not, it will lead to major complications – the recent Satyam case explains how important the Accounting processes are for a company. There are many entrepreneurs do not even know the differences between Cheque and Demand Draft. The hard-earned money should be managed properly, otherwise it will lead to unnecessary complications and financial loss.

So far here, we have seen the opinion of the concerned departments. If the same is questioned to a CEO who is the person in charge for the growth and development of the entity, his / her answer would be –

“Unity in Diversity, it’s all a team work and I can not point out the differences among each department though the ratio of their contribution varies.” A CEO necessarily needs to understand the importance of every staff in the organisation. It doesn’t mean the efficiency of the staff but the job profile. A clear study needs to be done as to how each staff delivers value to the entity.

Though the perspective differs from person to person, it is a universal truth that team work contributes to the growth of any organization in the whole world.

Pls pass on your feedback and let the world know it, if your perspective differs from the above.

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