Insurance Complaints and ways to resolve it

Insurance has become most essential part of today’s life. While the volume of policy holders go high, it becomes a necessity for the insurance providers to serve the customers with high level of efficiency. But notably, many of the insurance policy holders face problems with their Insurance Companies across the following areas:

– Service Inefficiency
– Policy documents not received on time
– Delay in claims settlement
– Unnecessary delays on client activities
– Unsolicited marketing trouble
– Mistakes in data capturing
– Excess-debits on credit card for payments
– The list goes on and on.


The steps to be taken for solving these kind of problems are as follows:

Step 1: Can contact the Customer Care or can write e-mails for redressal

Step 2: If the issues is not sorted out within 7 days, then address it to Grievance Redressal Officer

Step 3: If the issues is still not sorted out within 7 days, then address it to Grievance Redressal Committee

Step 4: After following all these steps, if the issue is still not sorted, you can address your issue to Insurance Ombudsman

Step 5: The superior authority who could solve your problems is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). You can contact them either at 155255 or you can write them at

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