Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.
Vasudevapuram Street, West Mambalam, Chennai.

All companies in India are required to file their Annual Return with Ministry of Corporate Affairs on or before 30th September 2010. What happens if you haven’t filed it on or before the due date? Yes, you still have a chance to file it after this due date, but with additional fee for each month it is delayed.

This year, the Ministry has done a slight change in this policy. That if the returns are not filed before the due date of September 30, then the concerned company will have only 5 prescribed days in the following months according to the first alphabet of the company.

Alphabets A to D–   1st  to   5th
Alphabets E to K –   6th to 10th
Alphabets L to Q – 11th to 15th
Alphabets R  & S  – 16th to 20th
Alphabets T to Z  –  21st to 25th
All remaining Companies – 26th to 31st

This means that, if a company does not file its return on or before 30th September, they can still file the return but only on certain fixed days according to the first alphabet of the company. Effectively, a company has only 5 days in a month starting from October to file its return. If those 5 days are skipped, the next chance will fall after a month.

Circular released by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in this regard is here below for your information.

Hence, all companies are required to keep this in mind and file your return on time.

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